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I am Diogo Gaspar, wedding photographer, lifestyle, photojournalist, destination wedding photographer in Portugal. Available worldwide. Wedding photographer passionate about telling stories that lie in the emotions and joys of special moments. I have Braga as my Safe Harbor and traveler as a choice of life, seeking new narratives of emotions and happiness.


Hello, I'm Diogo Gaspar

A passionate father, a blessed husband, a proud son, a friend of many, and a constantly changing human being. A happy man to be part of stories and lives that meet in the emotions and joys of special moments.


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My Brief Biography

Born in the city of Niterói, in the state of Rio de Janeiro from an incomprehensible country called Brazil, I am a proud son of a mother who never tires of teaching and who was a primordial part of this incessant curiosity for the arts, spending my childhood as his assistant of directing in the theater, as an observer of museums and libraries, a critic of my own mode of cinema, as a grandson of a radio broadcaster, a nephew of theater professor, an apprentice of everything. It was a happy childhood and a struggle.

I learned techniques of hot and cold ceramics, drawing in ink, watercolor, graphite pencil, fine and thick gouache, scratches, watermark, jazz and ballet dancing, classical, flamenco, playing harlequins, Thecov, playing guitar, saudade! Very enriching. I feel that I have been hit irretrievably by various art proposals since always. The memories appear as a block of colors, volumes, shapes, aromas, memory to the sound of Rock Brazil 80s to the taste of strawberry biscuits. Today I have a collection of scars that makes me always live the analogy of what yields fruits.

I knew many places, but my first flight was at age 26, I made friends where I went, but few I can call brothers, I moved and changed a few times, I was a victorious player of volleyball, basketball and handball, but not in football because I'm bad at ball.

I like to imagine that my journey is an endless history of opportunities, the movement that contradicts my own story with the ability to improvise and live happily.

It was in the unexpected where I found my love at a show in the sands of the beach of Ipanema in the year 2001, and since then we have spoken every day of our lives. Roberta Meirelles, the student of nutrition who today shares with me the dream of telling stories, continues in my follies, questions my theories and daydreams even if they are confirmed as truths, she is also the mother of the most precious thing she can find on the road ... our son Thierry. My loves, my partners, my lives.