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Lifestyle Photography tells a story with its own style with what is most true in a scene, feelings, spontaneous expressions, their crazy and the lifestyle of the people who are living there that moment.





What I like most about people is their naturalness, their unrealistic realism, their spontaneity, their sincerity about what has not been programmed, their chaos. This is what I find beautiful in people, living their lives, their choices, accepting their limitations, solemnly ignoring what others will find. Sometimes I find people so equally different, even though they make a tremendous effort to be part of something. You are you. I'm sure there are formidable variables all over the world, that means something, that should say something.

I like spontaneous people, authentic conversations, things that make me smile, I like people who make me think about everything, find new friends, rethink old ideas and tell stories with my eyes.


A Lifestyle story

Telling a story with its own style is intended to record what is most true in a scene. Capture feelings and expressions that are typical of those people, who have their own stories, their styles, their experiences and their follies. Record the lifestyle of those people who are there, more everyday actions that they like and have everything to do with them at that moment in life.

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Whether it's an engagement party, a paradise beach, a charming castle, or in the comfort of your own home, the rehearsal is an incredible opportunity to get to know you and start creating the narrative that portrays your lives more honestly . A good conversation, a few laughs, memories of when everything started, lots of kisses, caresses and lots of love, are all we need for the perfect photos.
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Lifestyle is much more than having a different and alternative style. It is knowing that the story you want to tell is a faithful portrayal of what you are today as individuals, as a couple, as boyfriends, as friends, as family and above all as leading characters of your own stories. It is where your choices of place, of clothes, behaviors, freedom, creation, experience and folly are in fact you being yourself.

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What a feeling of happiness when the family tells me that it has grown and I can become a part of it all again. Be it an essay on pregnancy, a christening or a family daily session in the comfort of home. It's being able to create new memories for new moments in new stories in your life. I want to photograph you !!!

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