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The passion in wedding photography is to find sincere smiles, to see stolen kisses and spontaneous hugs, a look of charm, a tear of happiness, see the free emotion, the sincerity of a moment and the true love. The story I want to tell a unique and true narrative of each.


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A letter to my love,

"And it was in the chaos that came the most unexpected transformation in my life, it was in the surprise that I lost in what I could not predict, it was in the madness that I found what I did not even know how to look for. The choices I made were just an inept sense of control of what was happening, when in fact my whole journey led to that moment when I met you. Overcoming the illusion that one can foresee the future and accept a misunderstood sense of what is happening without being predictable is a moment of great liberation. Did I find you in that moment or do we find ourselves constantly in every narrative of our lives together?

I figured I could watch you every night just to watch you smile while you're asleep and distracted by your dreams. That I could spend endless days in constant surrender for every look of yours. That in my follies I would be happy, though lost, just by being by your side. That we have to play with the chances of writing our memories and enjoying everything at the same time. I have found that I miss you, no matter when and where. I still miss you, resting near you, feeling your heart beat, and wondering what you're thinking about the two of us, the three of us, all of us. After all, our love has multiplied, transformed and reinvented itself. I just want to be with you, at this moment ... forever. I do not want to lose a smile, a tear, I do not want to miss a kiss. I just want to be with you. Right here, with you. I want to hold you tight. Feel your heart so close to mine. And just stay here right now, for all of our history. "

with love,
Diogo Gaspar

Life is a collection of moments and experiences. Seek as many good moments as possible, tell your own story, share your goals and joys with a great love.



The moment when all the feelings of those who will realize a dream mix with the emotions of the most important people who have been by their side until then. It is a look of mother's longing, the subtle pride in the embrace of the father, the tight affection of the grandmother, the joy of who you chose to be there with you, the memories of the paths where they passed, the charm of the dress acquiring the forms of the his body and the incredible feeling that there begins a new chapter in their lives.
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A new chapter begins in the beautiful story of their lives. The place was chosen with affection, the people were invited with affection, everything was prepared with dedication, you arrived here through errors and correct, smiles and tears. Time no longer matters, everyone loves you and wants to share with you the happiness of being there. You are ready for your own choices, your own dreams, your lives and your loves.
Let's Marry !!!
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What matters is what is least expected, what enchants is what surprises you the most, what makes you smile is what makes you the most, what makes you dream is what most lifts you to follow, what else gives strength is to be beside the one who loves, to live is to know that nothing knows, to love is to be sure of everything at the same time now. I like sincere smiles, to see stolen kisses and tight hugs, a look of charm, a tear of happiness, I want to see the free emotion, I want to be part, I want to live, I want to love and I want to be everything I can feel with the happiness of you.
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Live with boldness, strive and never settle. Just live well ... live intensely. And if it does not work? Keep trying until you get it right.
How do you know what happiness is if you have never experienced and experienced your mistakes and successes?
Find that thing that makes you different from others. Be everything you want to be.

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